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Good news to any prospective boat builders! The Skate Sailing Association of W.A. Inc. Will be offering a Reward of $1,000.00 cash, payable to newly constructed boats, registered to the SSAWAInc.

The new season has just started and SoPYC had fourboats on the water with three of them very competitive. EFYC is a bit slow to get started but I'm sure withing a few weeks they should have a good fleet. Gary Caporn has put a brand new boat on the water taking advantage of the $1000 building grant.

The Nomination forms, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are out for the State heats, if you haven't already recieved them speak to Brett Fannon or Dave Stewart and they should be able to get you a copy.

The measuring night has been held and due to the poor turnout there will be a final one on Sunday 19th October at SoPYC 1000hrs. Remember you are not eligable to sail unless you are measured. This would be a good time to nominate for the States and Teams race aswell.

Any comments/critisisms about the site please email me. I do know the site is looking a bit stuffed at the moment and I'm trying to fix it.

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