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02/May/2000 Motion
There will be $200 payable to any new registered boat/hull.(re. motion 7/3/2000). For 8, Against 0,Abstain 1.

04/Apr/2000 Motion
State Heats be reducced from 14 down to 10. PASSED.

07/Mar/2000 Motion
The $100 remains for existing Skate owners and $200 be payable to any newly registered boat owner.

07/Dec/1999 Motion
Hound measurement be deleted from existing measuring form.Moved, G Caporn. PASSED.

02/Nov/1999 Motion
The travel fund limit may be moved at the discrection of the committee, to rasie limits per boat whilst still leaving $1000 in the accounts. Moved,P Shiner. PASSED

06/Jul/1999 Motion
Nomination for State heats & Registration of boat fees are to be combined to one fee to be called The State Registration Fee. Moved D. Stewart Seconded A. Spencer
The motion was discussed and voted on.
Six for Five Against and Two abstained. Therefor the motion was carried.

The State registration fee is to be $55.00 Moved G. Caporn Seconded A. Spencer.
The motion was voted upon and carried by all.

05/Apr/1999 Motion
That the $800 paid by G. Caporn is to be kept separate for the use of boat building and is not to be made available to members when requesting travel assistance or used for trophies.
The motion was discussed and voted upon. For the motion 5 ; Against 2 ; Abstained 1
There for the motion was passed. We need to start thinking by how much the registration will need to go up.

The sponsors are to have their presentation night paid for by the Association in recognition for over ten years of sponsorship of the State Team. Moved S. Fico. ; Seconded A. Spencer.
This motion was discussed and carried.

04/Jun/1999 Motion
CORRESPONDENCE IN; Letter From Ray Simpson
That a 6:553m(21'6""), maximum be the new mast height for Skates. Won, Yes 49 NO 17
That we can change the Australian Skate Constitution by-laws, plans at an AGM without notice by the attendees with a 2/3 majority. Lost, Yes 8 No 58

05/Jul/1998 Motion
That next years team race is moved to Nedlands Moved. C. Toleman. Seconded G. Caporn.
This motion was discussed briefly and voted upon. The result being five for and two against. Therefore The motion was carried.

03/May/1998 Motion
Silvio read out the motion as voted on at Ceduna. The mast is to be twenty one foot six, a rig is to be nominated for a series and you are not able to change rigs unless you break the bigger rig and it can't be fixed. The skipper must write to the Association for permission to use an alterative rig. There was discussion for and against the motion the result being that the motion was carried with five for and one against.

02/May/1998 Motion
That the experimental bigger rig be accepted by the State body as passed at Ceduna. To be eligible to win States and Clubs. Once the big rig has been used you can not change back. Moved G. Wilson. Seconded Paul Shiner. To be voted on at the March meeting

12/Apr/1997 Motion
That the Skate Sailing Association of WA vote on accepting the State constitution at the next meeting . Moved G. Caporn.
Paul and Gary spoke in favour of the motion no one spoke against the motion. A vote was taken 8 for the motion nil against the motion therefore the motion was carried.
C. Toleman suggested that if amendments are made the constitution needs to be up dated and kept by the secretary.

2. Travel Fund . G. Caporn read out the motion for dividing money from the constitution. This meant that $900.00 was available to the six boats travelling i.e. $150.00 each G. Caporn suggested that the association allocate $200.00 per boat for travelling .A. Spencer & P. Shiner spoke against spending $200 per boat .S.Fico spoke in favour of spending $200 per boat.

The Association allocate $200.00 per boat travelling to Ceduna. Moved G. Caporn seconded S. Fico.
S. Hudson & M. Sherburn spoke against the motion,
A vote was taken will 3 supporting the motion and 7 against therefore the motion was defeated.
The Association allocate $150 per boat travelling to Ceduna. Moved S. Fico seconded M. Sherburn.
A vote was taken with all in favour of the motion .Motion carried.

6/1997 Motion
A nomination fee payable per day be applied to boats that are not register with the Association and wish to sail in Association events. The fee will be $10.00 to be paid before each event up to a maximum of $60 for the season. The motion was carried.

07/Mar/1997 Motion
That we have Handicap trophies for 2nd & 3rd places. Moved G. Swan. Seconded D. O'Byrne. Motion was passed.
That heat winners for the State Champion Series be presented with medallion's during presentation at each yacht club. Moved P. Shiner. Seconded S. Fico. Motion was passed.

That D. O'Byrne inspect a viable second hand mast to be used on a Skate as a trial for a bigger rig. The Association will put up initially $1000,00 for this project. Moved P. Shiner. Seconded M. Sherburn. Motion was passed.

03/Jun/1997 Motion
That we have the facility of mediation at our state events where it is possible at the host club. Amendment to that Mediation will be written into the sailing instructions, Delete where it is possible at the host club. Motion Passed.

06/Jun/1996 Motion
That the $100 fee charged for the hire of the Association Mould should be terminated, and that any new boat that is to be built out of the mould, Receive $100 to help support them in the cost of constructing their hull. Moved : B. Fannon Seconded: P.Shiner. To be voted on at the next meeting(A.G.M ).

03/Jul/1996 Motion
Due To Secretaries day falling during the month, it is Moved That our own secretary be given free beer during the April meeting and that flowers will not be required.
Moved C Toleman , Seconded: P.Shiner ; unanimously Carried

11/Feb/1995 Motion
All new sails are to be measured & tagged at there first State & National Championships, and need not be measured again unless they have been altered in any way.
Moved :M Dunbar, Seconded: P.Dunbar ; Motion passed at state level.

07/Jul/1994 Motion
All current motions in respect to travelling be rescind. Moved; C Toleman Seconded; M Sherburn Carried.

All funds become general revenue. Travel assistance for 1994/95 be split evenly amongst registered boats, so that $1000.00 remains in the general account. The date for allocation of funds is 12/12/1994.
Moved; C Oliver , Seconded; M Sherburn ; Carried

03/Apr/1993 Motion
Teams race rules was discussed with the penalties would be amended for the race and read that the alternative penalty being a 720 turn instead. Each team is made up of the first 5 boats from each club. Motion PASSED.