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Meeting: 7th October 2003

Time Opened: 2020 hours

Present: Gary Caporn, Gavin Caporn, Dane Stead, Trent Stead, Warwick Stead, Dave Stewart, Giles Wilson, Daniel Grover and Brett Fannon.

Apologies: Nil

Previous Minutes: Accepted by Gary Caporn 2nd D. Stead

Business Arising:
" Measuring night was on 16th September, poor turnout. There will be a final measuring day on Sunday 19th October at SoPYC 1000hrs, all boats need to be measured to be eligible to race. Also a good time to nominate for States.
" Gary's boat has been officially measured, sail number 986.
" 100 club boat has been repossessed, needs insurance so the new guys can begin sailing.
" George still to arrange movie night.
" Daniel still to ring rare coin company.


" Bill from YA for affiliation fees.
" Geraldton confirmed for possible 04/05 nationals.
" Email from Geograph Bay YC accepting 04/05 nationals.

" Nil.

Treasurers Report: Balance: $4912
Cheque for 100 club boat extras to go out $2250

Club Reports:
" Very successful opening day, 4 boats on water, 3 very competitive.
" Sam waiting on mast, 3 weeks.
" Dane got flying job, won't be sailing regularly.
" Videos and photos taken on opening day, lots of Skate footage expected.

" Slowly building momentum after season opening.
" Mick jumped through mainsail.
" Silvio is mounting forestay 100mm out.
" Silvio and George have new top sections on their masts.
" Danny not going to sail regularly this season.

General Business:
" Sailing instructions for States and Teams race out.
" This minutes and measuring reminder sent out via snail mail, reply requested via email if you wish to receive further correspondence that way.
" This months Australian Sailing Magazine has the dinghy special featuring Skates.
" Next meeting, November 4th, will have a vote for nationals venue and dates, options include; Geraldton and Geograph Bay (Confirmed), SoPYC and Bunbury (Unconfirmed).

Meeting Closed: 2140 hours

Next Meeting EFYC
Tuesday 4th November @ 8.00pm