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Gavin's Skate was brought over from the Eastern States when Gary Caporn decided to give it wings and erect a "Big Dick". The whole concept of an asymmetrical spinnaker had caught Gavin and Gary's eyes and they decided to give it a go. They, as do other Skate sailors, think that the new look Skate would give the boat more appeal. Gary decided to go for a retractable pole which differs from the Eastern States boat which have permanently extended poles.

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  1. They started working on the wings and the sleave of the "Big Dick" soon after building the bee sting into the bow. The process of building a carbon pole and wings was new to Gary but turned out fine.

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  1. Now he needed something to extend and retract from that slender but solid sleave. He built the "Big Dick". I was quite impressed with the size and stiffness as it did not sag because of bulkage but was long and slender ensuring a nice median.

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  1. The deck was finally fiberglassed in after 6 months of waiting. You can also see that the pole sleave is fixed in now and the spinnaker shoot is forming shape.

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  1. Heres a picture of Gavin's mast top asymmetric spinnaker.

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  1. The finished product !!!